Case Study: Tetra Tech

The Problem

1. Enterprise Project Management Solution

Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers needed a project management software solution to keep pace with their growing business.

2. Customized Training for Project Managers

All project managers needed full training on the features and functionality of the new software in order to excel at their jobs. With hundreds of projects completed, the company wanted to streamline project management and fully arm project managers and senior management with the latest tools and information to better manage future projects. The software product to be replaced was a home-grown, web-based system running on a platform that was no longer supported.

3. Solution Designed to Address Specific Needs

The PM for the project knew software experts would need to fine-tune the system to meet the specific needs of this industry-leading group. A west-coast based consulting company was used initially, but Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers required a firm with more closely related experience and deeper, first-hand knowledge of Project Server. They realized they needed someone to help use the tool more in line with what it can do, and started working with MS Project Now.


The Solution

Training Customized to Clients Needs

MS Project Now first conducted an assessment of the current system and project management needs, then held a series of eight tailored workshops on topics including OLAP cube management, security groups, resource assignments, project center, Gantt charts and resource availability. Recommendations were delivered on the best use of Project Server for the Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers business.

The Result

Better Visibility Equals Decisions for the Future

After the MS Project Now work and training, Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers resource managers were immediately able to incorporate the Project Server software into their daily routines. They now have a clear picture of mid- and long-term workload for each employee, and know the status of every team for better resource allocation. Business stakeholders now have easy access to real time information, which helps facilitate business decisions and the corporate direction.

“We realized that we needed someone to help us use the tool more in line with what it can do, and started working with MS Project Now." "Prior to this implementation, senior managers were not able to quickly analyze department workload — now, because of MS Project Now, they can.”

-Cynthia Nicholson, DirectorTetra Tech Architects and Engineers

What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

We are very satisfied with MS Project Now and readily recommend them to any organization looking for experts with Microsoft Project Server.

Allyson Bosch, Alberta Environment

Never have I been so ready to start my company up on a new tool. Lots of work, but totally worth it. Good-bye old excel spreadsheets…

Nena Krause, Meggitt