Case Study: Euro-Pro

The Problem

1. Project Visibility, Real-time and Accurate Information

Euro-Pro’s main issue and why they reached out to MS Project Now was project visibility. They were putting together weekly PowerPoint slides for each project and spent significant time tracking down what was going on with the project – with no consistent way of tracking project information. Some PM’s were using Excel, some were using Word, and a few using MS Project.

2. Tracking All Project Initiatives in a Single Location

There was no way to track all project initiatives in a single location. Project requests were coming in via emails, from the help desk and by stopping someone in the hall. Managing the requests was a challenge because they could not do all of the projects and had to decide which to focus on first based on resource availability. However, they had no real way of prioritizing the projects; especially the ad-hoc or “non-budgeted” projects discussed in the hallway.

3. Resource Allocation, Who's Doing What?

It was difficult to see which people were working on each project, across multiple projects and when those people would be available for additional work. It was difficult to manage who was doing what on which projects and then providing any kind of visibility on projects was almost impossible.


The Solution

Project Server Used Consistently and Effectively

1) Euro-Pro’s solution required getting all Project Managers to start using MS Project Server, which would allow all project information to be tracked consistently throughout the company. PWA provided visability because all projects could be viewed at both a high level and a detailed level. It also made it possible to run reports across multiple projects. MS Project Now developed a project dashboard, as well as a status report, that runs on a project by project level basis.

2) Using Project Server, Euro-Pro now has a formal intake process for the three main types of projects. Each request will be entered into the system and will go through its own custom workflow. The “Non-Budgeted” Projects will now be prioritized based on Portfolio Analysis in Project Server.

The Result

Customized Solution and Training

MS Project Now helped Euro-Pro identify their requirements and how Project Server could be configured to meet those requirements. Euro-Pro has now created an intake process to capture all project requests in a central location using two linear workflows. Euro-Pro now has a custom dashboard for high level reporting as well as a status report for more detailed project reporting. MS Project Now worked with Euro-Pro to develop processes around how to best utilize Project Server for Project and Resource Management. MS Project Now trained their Project Managers to use MS Project Professional and Project Server, including their newly created workflow. The Functional Administrators were also trained to maintain and edit customizations to fields, PWA settings, and customizations to the security model. MS Project Now conducted a reporting workshop to teach Euro-Pro how to use and edit out of the box reports. In addition they learned how to choose which method for developing reports to use, based on the type of report they wanted to create. MS Project Now conducted a workflow workshop to teach Euro-Pro how to manage and edit their custom linear workflow.

"Every interaction we’ve had with MS Project Now was open, honest and focused on our goals with no over-selling. I’d recommend MS Project Now to a colleague without hesitation."

–Matt Bowe, Business Analysis Director at Euro-Pro

What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

We are very satisfied with MS Project Now and readily recommend them to any organization looking for experts with Microsoft Project Server.

Allyson Bosch, Alberta Environment

Never have I been so ready to start my company up on a new tool. Lots of work, but totally worth it. Good-bye old excel spreadsheets…

Nena Krause, Meggitt