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Define Requirements

Any integration project or custom App has to have it's functionality discussed, documented, and agreed to. From the direction of the data feed, error handling and mapping of data between the systems of an integration project, to the desired functionality, security, and way in which an App is accessed, expectations need to be set and agreed upon.


Upon successfully defining our integration or App requirements, we dive into development. This could include anything such as writing SQL queries, creating databases and tables, using .NET code to develop a program, and everything in between. Development is typically where we create the integration or App.


Once the development has been completed we can move forward and begin testing. To facilitate testing and ensure we have the desired functionality, we leverage a testing plan that flushes out and test every aspect of the developed product. Testing is key to ensure a smooth go live.


Deployment to production, depending on whether we are deploying integration or an App must be planned out in detail. This is most important with in integration project. Coordination between resources and the timing of the events leading to the cut-over are crucial. To facilitate the deployment we reference the deployment plan that was created during requirements and refined throughout the project.

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I don’t think we could ever go back to the way we worked on projects before.

Gabriel Di Lullo, Bell Technical Solutions

Every interaction we’ve had with MS Project Now was open, honest and focused on our goals with no over-selling.

Matt Bowe, Euro-Pro