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Portfolio Management

Project Manager's (PM) and Project Management Office (PMO) are charged daily with managing the processes, methods, and technologies to analyze and manage current and newly proposed projects. It is a huge challenge. The goal is to determine the optimal mix of projects based on strategic alignment, balanced with available budget and resources. Scheduling these activities to best achieve the organization’s goals, while of course working within the constraints of current business objectives and goals is a daunting task. We as the PM and PMO face this challenge every day and we know it is critical to the success of any business.


As part of MS Project Now's Portfolio Management Consulting, we will:

Conduct a kick-off meeting to assess the current state of your business which includes: Project & Portfolio management, Tools currently in use, Project Intake, Project Initiation through execution and closing, Resource Demand versus Capacity, and Reporting, and much more. Some high-level activities will include:

  • Define, quantify and prioritize the organizations business strategy
  • Define and quantify impact statements used to determine a projects alignment to business drivers
  • Develop a project intake mechanism to streamline and simplify the project request process
  • Create workflows to ensure the request follows the organizations defined approval process
  • Run what-if analysis scenarios with various budget and resource constraints
  • Maximize the value of the portfolio and maximize resource utilization by staging project start dates
  • Compare the various scenarios with the Efficient Frontier and other analytics

MS Project Now can help your organization align your business priorities and maximize your return on investment (ROI). We also know understanding your resource utilization is critical – determining what resources are available will help ensure a projects success. Organizations will have the information necessary to recommend which projects to undertake, as well as determine when those projects will be completed.

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