I enjoy authoring blog posts when they are to discuss successes.  In this case I am writing to announce MS Project Now has hired a new employee, Rich Van Langen.  This is a big deal for us, because we take every new hire very seriously.  Each person who functions as an MS Project Now consultant is a face of the organization.  As such, we need to make sure the people we hire have a solid background from both a technical standpoint, as well as from a functional standpoint.  Rich has been in the industry for quite sometime, and has always been known as a very knowledgeable and trustworthy consultant.  He can also wear many different hats when it comes to functioning on a project team, which is an absolute necessity here at MS Project Now.  Rich is already contributing to our team, and we all expect his contributions to become quite prevalent in the future.  And with that I say “Welcome to the team, Rich!”.

-Daniel Bell